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Standing outside her car, she balanced on her conservative one inch black sandal high heeled shoes, shifting her weight from side to side.

She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, and it read "No txt messages, no voicemails". Katie wasn't nervous about going to a club, she was pretty confident in the bar and club scene, though was not a wild child by any means.

At 25, she had graduated college, and was a school teacher in a nice suburban district of Chicago. Danny, her fianc, had known Claire since grammar school. She was wearing jeans, tight on the hips with a flared leg.

She was a mild mannered woman, very shy and quiet, something her fianc loved about her. They were friends and friends only and had never even held hands. Having been cheated on before by an ex-she was jealous of any woman too close to Danny. Suddenly her phone vibrated, causing her to read the text. grabbing her purse, a few spot's behind Katie's car. She covered her top with a royal purple sweater with a lower neck, though not a single millimeter of her cleavage could be seen, or her conservative black panties and bra.

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""Oh no need to fret," Claire said, "I'll explain inside, come on it's cold."Katie chuckled to herself, thinking that if Claire's black blouse and super tight jeans had been more appropriate, she wouldn't be so cold.

This could save a ton of time waiting on hold just to speak to a representative.

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